This One Is For Bougie Families

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The other day, I asked my husband to pick up some ice cream. When he asked what flavor, I responded, “Anything chocolate. [pause] Or black cherry. Either is fine.”

He came back with black cherry, and everything was great.

Except it wasn’t. Because, honestly? I really wanted chocolate. And it was my fault for not doubling down on that.

So this is me making up for asking for the wrong flavor. What I’m saying is…

Should we break up?

No, not me and my husband. Obviously. I’m talking about you and me.

You might have joined Orange Jalapeños because you’re a black cherry kinda person. You signed up because you thought, “Sure, I could use more tips on saving money.” You were probably expecting another “here are quick tips to save money / build wealth” vibe, and ideas that just about anyone could use.

Black cherry is great, but we’re going all in on chocolate now.

That means I will be focusing on one thing only: helping bougie families reach financial independence.

Let’s break that down:

  • Bougie (aka bourgeois) = You say you’re “middle class”, but if we were sipping our chai tea lattes with oat milk on a sunny outdoor patio, you wouldn’t deny being more privileged than others (most). That said, your finances could still use a little love. Student debt from grad school, maybe? 401K looking sad? Nonexistent 529s for the kids? I’m here for you.
  • Families = Any group of people that consider themselves a family and are impacted by financial decisions that the others make. Given my own circumstances, however, my content will be more geared toward families with young children.
  • Financial independence = A state where your savings + passive income (I.e. investments) cover your living expenses. Also known as having a work optional life. And who doesn’t want working to be optional?!

Of course, if you’re not a decision-maker for a bougie family with young kids, you’re more than welcome to stay. The basics of personal finance and reaching financial independence still apply to most people, and there will be plenty of that flying around here.

But if you find that my emails sound less and less like things you’re interested in, then it’s OK if you leave, too (hint: unsubscribe is at the bottom of all of my messages).

By the way, I ended up making a batch of fudge brownies after #icecreamgate2021. And they were damn good.

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