Personal Finance Is Personal

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I realized…I haven’t really introduced myself (except for my about page, which I’m in the midst of revamping).

So here are a few things I should have told you sooner:

  • I have a husband and 2 little kids. We live in a leeetle townhouse in the best community.
  • Once, I did a chocolate making tour in Guatemala and realized being a chocolate tour guide is my dream job. One day!
  • Last week I bought the 18 oz Cheerios box in our local CVS because it was “easier”. Except it cost $7.50. At Target? $3.50 ? I’m still not over it.

You might be thinking, That’s nice, but how does your opinion of chocolate affect my financial well-being? Because there’s one more thing I should have told you: personal finance is personal.

Let’s say it again in shouty caps for the people in the back: PERSONAL FINANCE IS PERSONAL.

Remember that I share advice from my own lived experience and unconscious biases. So take aaaaalllll the advice you see (from me and others) and decide if it applies to Your. Specific. Situation.

For example, here are some core ideas that you’ll see me repeat again and again:

  • Automate your finances, especially savings and investment deposits.
  • PAUSE before you buy anything. Do you need it? Do you truly want it, or do you need a better stress outlet?
  • Live below your means. Not at your means, below your means.
  • When in doubt of what to do with your money, put more toward savings. You can always spend it later ?
  • Most importantly: you are not bad with money. Repeat: you are not bad with money.

Now you might be thinking, well duh. Or maybe you were like, excuse me please stop judging my life.

Maybe you’re barely scraping by and spending less is laughable – you’re already spending the least! Or maybe your student debts make it hard to live below your means, because the debt payments are so large in proportion to your salary.

Take my advice knowing that sometimes it’s for you now, and sometimes it’s for you in another phase of life. Either way, I’m here for you now and here for you in the future!

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